Drywall Repair

drywall repair
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There are several painting contractors in the Greater Boston Area. When you choose a contractor for your drywall repair project, it has to be a contractor that has a proven track record for quality work.

Galvez Painting Corp. Drywall repair service patches smaller holes using a relatively simple but necessary process; we fill these with compound, wait until they are completely dry, and sand the surface down. However, with bigger holes, we typically have to fill it with a new piece of drywall, put drywall repair tape, and then apply compound to the remaining gaps surrounding the damaged drywall. Once we have done this process, we sand to even the surface out with the rest of the wall. We don’t miss any steps in our drywall repair process as we consistently provide a complete service to repair your drywall from start to finish.

Galvez Painting Corp. does a professional Drywall repair, caulk, and sand on the required areas to deliver a clean-finished result over the entire surface.

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