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“Our company is a team of amazing people striving to deliver a top-quality painting service; Therefore, our clients can rely on it.”

Trust us your painting project! Our Expert preparation will ensure the perfect finish.


Our Professional Painting Services have served the greater Boston area for over twenty years. Galvez Painting Corp. takes attention to detail seriously. 


From the prep work to the final coat of paint, we provide a Painting Service with care, efficiency, and professionalism to achieve our promise to you of “Our Work is Based On Quality Craftsmanship.” We strive to work with you on every demeanor of your painting needs by customizing our Painting Service to your specific requirements. Therefore you can have a piece of mind. Galvez Painting Corp. expertise will guide you through the whole process of improving your home.


Why Us?

Besides having a knowledgeable and skilled team, we only use the best products on the market. From Benjamin Moore to Sherwin Williams, Galvez Painting Corp. takes the time to research and purchase durable paints to improve your home’s value and safeguard against the potential damage; and curse without forgetting the beauty of your home! Don’t let just anyone perform your renovations, invest in a business with your best interest in mind.

We make the difference! Most of our projects come as repeat business or past customer referrals; this is why we are in business. Our team is appropriately Registered and Insured for your protection. We will give you an affordable price and a reliable service.