Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting, Galvez Painting Corp.

Professionally trained painters and prep workers will do everything to ensure that our exterior painting service is of exceptional craftsmanship. 

A quality paint job will make your house the most splendid on the street and be protected from the elements, saving you a higher cost of extensive repairs in the future. The key to increasing the value and longevity of your property is a painting job well done!

We don’t omit any step in the process. Outdoor furniture and plants are adequately covered and protected. The outer surface of your property is pressure washed; we sand and scrape cracking and peeling areas. We get rid of old cracking and discolored caulk. When we finished each painting job, we left nothing behind except fresh and brand-new coats of paint or stain.

When you are looking for a reputable Professional Painting Contractor, call the company to deliver Top Quality Craftsmanship, providing optimal results for your home: Galvez Painting Corp. We offer competitive pricing for outstanding, affordable, and reliable services!

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